Technical Program Topics


  • Economics
  • Geoscience
  • Low-Temperature
  • Non-Conventionals
  • Non-Technical
  • Reservoir/Production/Energy Conversion
  • Technology/Drilling

Session Topics



  • Geothermal Exploration: Play Fairway Analysis (PFA)
  • Geothermal Resource Exploration
  • Great Basin Geothermal Resources and Exploration
  • Heat Flow in the Deep Crust and Upper Mantle: Understanding the Role of Crustal Processes and Mantle Dynamics
  • Identifying and Imaging Geothermal Reservoirs
  • Monitoring Geothermal Systems
  • The Role of Active Geothermal Systems and Epithermal Mineral Deposits


  • District Heating & Direct Use: Feasibility to Implementation
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps: Latest Tech & Market Development
  • Heating - The (not so) Major New Frontier for Geothermal
  • Thermal Energy Networks


  • Data Learnings from O&G and the Value to Geothermal
  • Emerging Technologies in EGS
  • FORGE Activities, Progress & Plans
  • Hot Wells of the Future: Repurposing Oil and Gas Wells into Geothermal
  • Potential of Reservoir Thermal Energy Storage in Geothermal Systems
  • Stimulation Technologies for Geothermal Energy Development
  • Technological, Engineering, and Geological Advances in Super-Hot Geothermal


  • Geothermal Education: Training the Workforce
  • Overcoming Non-Technical Hurdles in Geothermal Development

Reservoir/Production/Energy Conversion

  • Established and Emerging Technologies for In-Situ Stress Estimation for Geothermal Reservoirs
  • Geothermal Fluid Management
  • Innovative Zero Emission Geothermal Power Plants
  • Scale and Corrosion Inhibitors for Geothermal Applications
  • Site Characterization and Induced Seismicity Assessment
  • Use of Open Hole Logs for Geothermal Reservoir Characterization


  • Case Studies: Technology Improvements for Geothermal Utilization
  • Challenges and Successes in the Lithium Extraction from Geothermal Brine
  • Downhole Instrumentation
  • Economic and Durable Materials and Completion Solutions for Geothermal Well Constructions and Operations
  • Geothermal Drilling Technologies
  • Machine Learning in Geothermal Development
  • Maintaining Data QA/QC in Geothermal Drilling
  • Materials for Geothermal Wells
  • Toward Drilling Smarter Geothermal Wells
  • Torque Reduction and Buckling Mitigation in Geothermal Drilling