Critical Minerals, Mineral Commodities, and Geothermal Systems: Past, Present, and Future

Description: Periodically, the United States Geological Survey USGS revises a list of critical minerals in light of their role in national security and economic development. This is coupled with an annual review to define the roles of nonfuel mineral commodities in the US economy. It is well known that many of these mineral commodities manifest with geothermal systems; with locally known sources such as the Walker Lane Gold Trend, Salton Sea Lithium Brines, and the Wind Mountain Geothermal and Epithermal Deposits. With growing competition for mineral resources worldwide, cutting edge knowledge of geothermal systems can provide key information for future mineral development. With an eye toward greater collaboration between mining and geothermal energies, this panel of researchers and industry professionals will share their perspectives on exploration, technology sharing, and current commodities in active geothermal systems as we work toward securing the nation’s energy future, and work towards global sustainability.

Moderators: Pooja Sheevam, UNR & Lauren Sankovitch, UNR


  • Dave Boden, Truckee Meadows Community College
  • Erick Burns, USGS
  • Simon Jowitt, UNR
  • Dr. Alexis McKittrick, DOE - GTO
  • Carolina Munoz Seaz, UNR
  • John Wood, Nevada Goldstrike, Inc