Geothermal Everywhere? The Role of Subsurface Characterization in Advancing Geothermal Technology

Description: The session will identify dependencies between and shared learnings from subsurface assessments for deploying several new technologies ubiquitously. Subsurface fairways and hazards inherent to the effective use of each technology will be introduced and overlaps between technologies will be discussed. Opportunities for cross-collaborations and shared learnings will be highlighted, for example, near field exploration for viable EGS development. In order to propel geothermal energy towards a more significant percentage of the global energy mix, we must integrate, learn from, and adapt all of these novel technologies that are currently being developed.

Moderators: Aubry DeReuil, ZanskarĀ 


  • Jenna Hill, Clean Air Task Force
  • Nick Hinz, Geologica Geothermal Group
  • Lynette Liston, Eavor Technologies
  • Emma McConville, Fervo Technologies