How the Foundation for Energy Security and Innovation (FESI) Can Contribute to Accelerating Geothermal Power Innovation and Commercialization Stakeholder Workshop

Monday, October 2
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM 

The Foundation for Energy Security and Innovation (FESI), which was authorized by the 2022 CHIPS & Science Act, will advance DOE’s mission by fostering public-private partnerships that accelerate technological innovation and commercialization. FESI will be an independent non-profit organization, funded primarily by private and philanthropic donors, with a unique relationship with DOE enabled by its congressional authorization. FESI, building on a model proven by the Foundation for the NIH and others, will be able to initiate, build, and support partnerships with lower transaction costs than DOE working on its own.

Geothermal power is a promising area for FESI to target. It has great potential to advance DOE’s mission. It is attracting increasing attention from a rapidly growing pool of private, philanthropic, and other stakeholders. Cross-sectoral innovation and commercialization partnerships could accelerate the field but have proven challenging to build. With adequate donor support, FESI could convene and catalyze such partnerships, creating resources of value to the industry as a whole.

Four areas of opportunity were identified by the planning team for this workshop:

  • Building open-source data resources
  • Funding pilot wells
  • Strengthening offtaker awareness and understanding
  • Creating stronger linkages between geothermal power and other DOE technology areas

Workshop goals:

  • Familiarize participants with FESI
  • Discuss and build consensus around the most promising geothermal project option(s) for FESI
  • Assemble a core group to draft an initial proposal(s)
  • Identify targets for further awareness and consensus-building

Workshop agenda:

  • 2:00       Welcome
  • 2:05       Introduction to FESI (Hart)
  • 2:15       Overview of project options (4 x 5 minutes):
  • 2:35       Breakout groups: Rotation through project options (4 x 15 minutes with 5 minute halftime break)
  • 3:40       Reconvene, report out, and full group discussion
  • 4:00       Adjourn

Next steps:

  • Draft proposal
  • Build wider awareness and support
  • Explore funding opportunities
  • Present to FESI board
How to register: 
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Organized by the “Friends of FESI” Initiative of the Federation of American Scientists. 

Workshop is complimentary but pre-registration is required. Limited space available. Refreshments will be provided.