James Hanson

James Hanson | January 1955 – July 2022

Jim dedicated 45 years to the geothermal industry that began by selling drilling technologies and services to projects in The Geysers and ended by drilling prolific wells in Indonesia. He has supported or supervised some of the largest geothermal wells ever drilled throughout the US, Latin America and Asia Pacific. Jim spent that last 10 years of his life working as an Expat, 8 of which were spent in Indonesia working with Sarulla Operations.

Jim was a beloved character, commanded the room and influenced hundreds of people that worked for him over the years. Jim has inspired so many, that his family and industry friends are working with Geothermal Rising to develop a scholarship in his name, funded by those that were influenced by him
throughout their careers.

Earlier in his career, Jim in various leadership roles with the Geothermal Resources Council and used to manage the original annual meetings.

Jim is survived by his wife, Meg Hanson, three children, Patrick, Kate and Tess, and two grandchildren, Brennan and Rowan. His son, Patrick, has made a career from the geothermal industry as well and will supporting the industry his father loved.