Jim Combs

Jim Combs | July 15, 1942 – January 13, 2023

Jim Combs, a renowned geothermal scientist, and consultant, passed away on January 13,2023. He was born July 15, 1942 in Cordele, Oklahoma, and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Geology from Southern Methodist University (1964) and a Doctor of Philosophy in Geophysics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1970). After a few years in academia (University of California at Riverside, and University of Texas at Dallas), Jim
decided to establish Geothermal Services Inc. in 1977. Over the next 45 years, he worked in executive roles for several major geothermal companies (Geothermal Resources International, Vulcan Power, Gradient Resources) in addition to providing consulting services to both private and government clients.

Dr. Combs was an important contributor to both US and international geothermal organizations. He served as one of the initial members and an early President (1982-1983) of the Geothermal Resources Council (“GRC”), and was a founding member of International Geothermal Association (“IGA”) where he served as the President (1989-1992). His further involvement in promoting international geothermal collaboration includes an instrumental role in developing and conducting the first World Geothermal Congress in Florence, Italy (1995).

Over a 50+ year career, Jim led several geothermal development projects through resource assessment, project finance and the construction and operation of geothermal power generation facilities. In addition, Jim participated in capacity evaluation and development of numerous geothermal prospects. He was the author or co-author of more than 150 technical papers and reports. Some of us (Sabodh Garg, Colin Goranson, …) were fortunate enough to collaborate with Jim on various projects, hisoptimism and enthusiasm was an inspiration to us.

We shall greatly miss Jim Combs as a good friend and as a scientific collaborator.