Lassen Volcanic National Park Field Trip

Come join us on an exciting two-day tour of Lassen Volcanic National Park in northern California. Lassen Volcanic N.P. is well known for having similar hydrothermal features to Yellowstone, but with a fraction of the crowds. The park is at the southern end of the Cascade Range volcanic chain and protects nearly 170 square miles of pristine wilderness including volcanoes, glacially-sculpted landforms, hydrothermal vents, mud pots, and fumeroles. During this two-day trip, participants will spend the first day venturing through the park, making educational stops at notable natural and geologic features including two active hydrothermal fields. Day two will consist of a visit to a lava tube cave followed by a hike up the iconic Lassen Peak, one of the world's largest volcanic domes at 10,457 feet (3187 m). Alternative hikes are also provided to waterfalls and glacial lakes based on individual preference. This field trip will be guided by Forrest Hopson, an accomplished geologist and author. Forrest has an MSc in Geology and has authored a number of publications and GSA abstracts, and is coauthor of Geology of the Lassen Country — The Geologic Story of Lassen Volcanic National Park and Vicinity along with Michael Clynne.

The Field Trip will depart from the Peppermill Resort at approximately 8:00 AM on Friday, September 29 and return the evening of Saturday, September 30.

Don't miss out on this thrilling adventure!

Separate registration required. The registration fee includes meals, transportation and lodging on Saturday night. Cost is $595 per person. Limited space available. Closed toe shoes and appropriate attire for outdoor hiking is recommended.