Plenary Session III: Building a Sustainable Future


Join our emcee, Kristina Hagstrom Ilievska, Baseload Capital, as we get started with day two of the 2023 Geothermal Rising Conference with another engaging and informative plenary session.

Young Professional Leadership Award and Young Professional Applied Research Award -  Presented by Lauren Boyd, Geothermal Technologies Office (Awards sponsored by Geologica) 

Panel: Governments on a Mission to Propel Geothermal - Explore how cities, counties, states, and the federal government are working in different ways through public policy to remove barriers and incentivize geothermal development.

  • Moderator: Katherine Hamilton, 38 North Public Policy
  • Panelists: Bryce Carter (Colorado), Naomi Duerr (Reno City Council), Jenna Hill (CATF), Michael O'Connor (OCED), Ryan Tracy (Sonoma Clean Power) 

Outstanding Research Award - Presented by Chris Graham, Blue Spark Energy

Best Photograph Awards - Presented by Priscilla Gagliano, Halliburton

Student Committee Paper Contest Award - Announced by Jabs Aljubrm, Stanford University 

Panel: Harvesting Earth's Energy: Exploring Geothermal Opportunities in Direct Use and Heat Pump Applications -  This panel is focused on pushing the boundaries of geothermal direct use and heat pump applications by exploring novel and unfairly underutilized opportunities. Our panelists have been hand-picked specifically to challenge our perspectives. By the end of our discussion, we hope to showcase untapped versatility of geothermal resources as well as address the challenges that limit widespread commercialization. It is a fact that we may not all agree but perhaps the esteemed panel of experts will spark a debate that helps us find new prospective synergies and propels us forward.

  • Moderator: Bridget Silva, Baseload Capital
  • Panelists: Ed Cazier (Geothermal Wells, Inc.), Lalit Chordia (Thar Energy), Jack DiEnna (IGSHPA Board Member),  Johnny Fry (Celsius Energy), Lev Ring (Sage Geosystems)