Poster Session (Monday)

  • 2023 Taiwan Geothermal Update | Tito Satria Putra Perdana
  • AI Driven Geothermal Energy: Unleashing The Full Potential Of Renewable Power Generation | Maryam Al Ka'abi
  • Applying Petroleum Industry Technology for Successful Scale Removal in Geothermal Wells | Chris Graham
  • Chemical Wellbore Sealing for Closed-Loop Geothermal Systems | Kuhan Chellappah
  • Expert-driven Play Fairway Analysis applied to the northern Luzon Island, Philippines | Emmanuel Olvera
  • Exploration results of dense seismic array in Taiwan's metamorphic and igneous rock regions. | KAI CHEN
  • Geophysical Survey to Delineate Geothermal Outflows Primarily For Direct Utilization in the Reno-Tahoe Region, USA – Initial Design | Christopher Martin
  • Hotter than not, a relook into the thermal structure of the southern San Joaquin sedimentary basin and its implications for future utilization. | Brian Clements
  • How appropriate are hydrocarbon exploration methods for developing geothermal resources? A critical review | Rebecca Bolton
  • Leveraging Experience From the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry in Unconventional Geothermal Wells | John Clegg
  • Prediction of Scaling and Corrosion in Geothermal Operations | Gaurav Das
  • Three-dimensional geologic and thermal model for the Williston Basin, USA and implications for hidden or enhanced/engineered geothermal systems resource potential | Sarah Gelman

All student posters will be presented again (originally presented on Sunday).