Poster Session (Sunday)

Student Poster Presentations: 

  • Analysis of Step-Overs in Fault Zones in the Great Basin Region: Implications for Geothermal Energy Development | Mary Giddens
  • Characterization of a Potential Hidden Geothermal System in Buffalo Valley, North-Central Nevada | Quentin Burgess
  • Development of CO2 Plume Geothermal Screening and Ranking Tool: Insights from THCM Modeling | Touka Elsayed
  • Effect of Bottomhole Mud Pressure on PDC Bit Drilling Performance Investigated Using Discrete Element Simulations | Nana Shoji
  • Evaluation of Self-healing Ultra-high Temperature Resistant Hydrogels for the Fluid Flow Control in Enhanced Geothermal Reservoirs | Yanbo Liu
  • Experimental Evaluation of a Novel High Temperature Preformed Particle Gel for Controlling Fluid Flow Paths in Geothermal Sandstone Reservoirs | Caleb Darko
  • Experimental study of enhancing the heat transfer performance of downhole heat exchangers using closed-loop heat pipes | HaiYan Lei
  • Exploring Geothermal Potential of Abandoned Oil Wells in Madison Group, Williston Basin for Sustainable Energy Production Using ORC: A Heat Transfer Coefficient Analysis | Moones Alamooti
  • Microcapsule Transport and Blockage in a Sheared Rough-Walled Fracture Replica| Brittney Seaburn
  • Public Understanding, Acceptance, and Opposition to Geothermal Energy Projects in Iceland | Julia Reimer
  • Repurposing Plugged and Abandoned Oil Wells for Geothermal Direct Use: Economic Feasibility Analysis in the Williston Basin | Moones Alamooti
  • Techno-Economic Feasibility of Eavor-Loop Powered  Green Hydrogen Production | Annika Naylor
  • Tectonic Collision, Orogeny and Geothermal Resources in Taiwan | Lawrence Hutchings
  • The numerical simulation of the heat extraction in a single-well system for hot dry rock | HaiYan Lei
  • The Tu Deh-Kah Geothermal Project: A Case Study of Training and Employment Initiatives for Sustainable Economic Growth in Remote and Indigenous Communities | Jamie Capot-Blanc
  • Thermal Stress Analysis Considering Casing Eccentricity in a Supercritical Geothermal Well | Ryo Shimomura