Session 3F: Low Temperature: Latest Technology and Developments/Stimulation Technologies for Geothermal Energy Development

Low Temperature: Latest Technology and Developments

This conference session will offer attendees an unparalleled opportunity to learn about the latest advancements in geothermal district and direct use applications. The session will cover a broad spectrum of topics, such as geophysical survey design to delineate geothermal outflows, the assessment of geothermal potential for heating applications, the repurposing of plugged and abandoned oil wells for geothermal direct use, and the techno-economic analysis of geothermal deep direct-use application for a district heating. Additionally, the session will delve into the use of heat pumps and geothermal direct use heating in various industries. By the end of this session, attendees will have gained an understanding of low-temperature exploration, geothermal direct utilization concepts, and emerging industry applications for sustainable heat. 

Stimulation Technologies for Geothermal Energy Development

This session covers aspects of geothermal stimulation including fractures, proppants, induced seismicity, flow paths, anisotrophy, and more.

2:00 PM - 2:20 PM: Applications Of Geothermal Direct Use Heating In Breweries | Duncan Steven
2:20 PM - 2:40 PM: Underground thermal energy storage at scale: A review of techniques and a case study for Calgary, Alberta | Nicholas Fry
2:40 PM - 3:00 PM: Utilizing GEOPHIRES-X beyond Electricity Koenraad Beckers
3:00 PM - 3:20 PM: Using Acoustic Velocities and Microimaging to Probe Microstructural Changes caused by Thermal Shocking of Tight Rocks | Margariete Malenda
3:20 PM - 3:40 PM: Flow Path Alterations during Hydraulic Stimulation at Bedretto Underground Laboratory for Geosciences and Geoenergies | Nima Gholizadeh Doonechaly
3:40 PM 4:00 PM: Numerical Investigation Of The Effect Fracture Anisotropy On Thermal Breakthrough Using THM Modeling | Touka Elsayed