Session 6F: Great Basin Geothermal Resources and Exploration II

Great Basin Geothermal Resources and Exploration is the research focus for the UNR Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy.  This year's project is continuing the DOE GTO Ingenious research collaboration with an emphasis on regional mapping and multiple sites detailed reconnaissance. The Great Basin is expected to be the site of many additional power plants and/or direct use applications.

  • 1:30 PM - 1:50 PM: Three dimensional electrical resistivity structure of the Great Basin: Identifying bottom-up control on resources | Jared Peacock
  • 1:50 PM - 2:10 PM: Development of the prospect portfolio and initial surface exploration studies in the Basin & Range Investigations for Developing Geothermal Energy (BRIDGE) Project | Christine Downs
  • 2:10 PM - 2:30 PM: Creating an integrated conceptual model of Nevada and California using Open-Source Geoscience data | Josh Sellars
  • 2:30 PM - 2:50 PM: INGENIOUS Transitions from Regional to Local Scale to Find Hidden Geothermal Systems | James Faulds
  • 2:50 PM - 3:10 PM: New high resolution airborne geophysical surveys in Nevada and California for geothermal and mineral resource studies | Jonathan Glen
  • 3:10 PM - 3:30 PM: Faults, Fractures and Stress at Fish Lake and the Controls on Wellbore-Scale Permeability in a Deep Circulation Geothermal System | Irene Wallis