Synergies with Other Renewable Energies to Accelerate Geothermal Project Development


Reducing the CO2 footprint of our energy systems is critical to mitigate climate change. Geothermal power offers a clean, renewable, solution to the world’s energy demands. In addition, geothermal has great potential to complement other sources of renewable energies we require for the energy transition. Through hybrid applications such as geothermal + solar, geothermal + energy storage, geothermal + lithium, geothermal + green hydrogen and more.

In this workshop, we will explore the opportunities in each of these synergistic areas across the globe, discuss the challenges we may face in terms of development, learn about technologies that are helping improve project economics, and hear about projects that succeeded despite the odds, from which we can all learn valuable lessons.


We will have a full day with technology sessions, case studies and even a panel discussion! Key geothermal developers will share their hybrid project developments and how they are overcoming challenges.


  • Geothermal and the Energy System: a systems-level perspective to explore how geothermal synergizes and competes with other technologies in the energy sector, both in the near- and long-term
  • An exploration perspective on hybrid systems with geothermal
  • NextGeneration Geothermal Power – Enabling dispatchable energy generation from geologically stored CO2
  • Energy generation using geothermal systems as storage
  • A policy perspective on hybrid systems with geothermal
  • Energy generation using geothermal systems as storage
  • Lithium from geothermal resources
  • Power and heat from hot water in deep sedimentary basins
  • Utilizing high temperature heat pumps to synergize renewables energy sources


  • Hans Dick, SLB New Energy
  • Ann Robertson-Tait, GeothermEx
  • Bridget Silva, Baseload Capital


  • Joel Edwards, Zanskar
  • Anine Pedersen, Geothermal Rising
  • Marc Portnoff, Thar Energy
  • Wilson Ricks, Princeton University
  • Brian Ziems, Siemens Energy